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Welcome to the Cutting Edge Copywriting blog. Cutting Edge Copywriting is a writing and editing consultancy focused on delivering traditional and innovative services to businesses, authors and students.

It took months for me to decide on the concept of the company’s logo.  What were my clients’ needs?  What was I prepared and qualified to provide?  How could I connect the two to offer the highest quality, timely and cost-effective service?    I used my skills to find the perfect words to pinpoint my goals:  Quality, Simplicity, Know-how, Collaboration, Experience, Convenience, Traditional yet Modern, Economical.  It was a very long list that went round and round one key concept—Craftsmanship.  The circle of the Cutting Edge Copywriting logo continues to remind me that the writing and editing process is powerful, cooperative, versatile and graceful.  It reminds me to focus on the marriage of the customer’s voice and the skill of the wordsmith.

In this blog, I will share best practices about how business owners, authors, students and anyone can benefit from traditional wordsmithery combined with contemporary tools that simplify and develop the use of quality language.

I’ll outline the basics and the advanced tips and tricks to help you with your manuscript, business content, college application, etc. Your ideas, Your Voice expressed with the correct word or phrase or punctuation.  Yes, I’m a big fan of the perfect sentence.

It’s safe to say that you will be exposed to my views. Let me make it clear from the start…while I recognize that the English language is ever-evolving, I believe in the tradition of quality language and grammar.  I’ll be pleased to see your responses, comments and suggestions.  And to be open to your polite disagreements.

I ask that your additions not be used as a vehicle for Spam, or as an opportunity to be disrespectful to other contributors.  Nothing personal, please. I may re-post or mention your comments as part of additional discussions, or reach out to your for clarity.

I invite you to read through and comment on the Cutting Edge Copywriting website; you’ll get a feel for who we are and the word services we can offer you—Tradition…Innovation…Success.

Thanks to our current clients and looking forward to forging new partnerships…


Sharon G.

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