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Why hire a ghostwriter with New York City publishing experience? Because you have a story to tell and you want to tell it.  You have no idea how to organize it, and you’re unsure about the best way to craft your compelling story. And then there’s the formatting, and distribution.  How do you get your story to market?

Do you think your business or personal life would benefit from a book?   A ghostwriter is a professional writer who can help you get your idea, fiction or non-fiction story, or business primer into print or electronic format.  The story is yours and the credit is yours.  A ghostwriter is your writing coach… your professional collaborator…your creative partner.



Ghost Writing Services—How Do They Work?

It all depends; the most common practice is to arrange an initial chat via phone or email to discuss your goals for the book.  Perhaps it’s a self-help or a how-to.  It could be political, educational or a memoir; we’ll help you to figure the most marketable niche.  After this initial interview, we’ll  begin your book’s synopsis and chapter framework as well as a few sample pages.  When you give us your OK, we’ll begin the business of writing.  You can expect additional interviews.   We usually send back material in stages for your approval – generally between 4-8 stages, depending on the length of your manuscript. Payment is made in stages; and we’ll ask for a retainer upfront before the work begins.

Time frames will vary from project to project.  A book can take anything from two weeks to three months to a year to ghostwrite. A written draft will go a long way to shortening the process.  We do appreciate that you and your publishers  may have a scheduled deadline—just tell us your deadline and we’ll let you know if we can meet it.

Ghost Writing Services—What Do They Cost?

Cost varies because books vary a great deal. Unlike many low-end ghost writing services who offer “one page/one price,” our fees depend on factors such as the length of a text, the agreed-to schedule for completion, the depth of research required, etc.  Again, we want to stress the benefit of a written draft; in this case it may significantly reduce your expenses. The draft need not be professional, merely informative for style and/or content. Without this preliminary work, more research or conversation between the writer and the client becomes necessary.

Keep in mind that this is a collaboration.  The more information you supply us, the better your research, the more proactive you are, the faster we begin the writing process.  And the faster we write, the lower your cost.  Another consideration is the flow of information. The more authoritative and effective a client is at informing us, the less research we will need to undertake, allowing us to spend more time writing.

How much does a ghostwriter cost? Below is an approximate idea of our ghostwriter prices, so you can understand a little more about ghostwriter fees and weigh up the likely return on your investment.

Average-length (35,000 word) non-fiction manuscript: from $4,000-$8,000

Children’s book: from $800

Fiction book/novel (70,000 words): from $8,000

Ebook for business (20,000 words): $4000 – $5,500


Here is our guarantee: We will work with you and try to accommodate your budget for our ghostwriting services.

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Ghostwriting Services—Hire a writer, not a marketplace
Cutting Edge Copywriting-Offices in New York City and Delaware

Send us the first 2-3 pages of your idea.  An experienced writer will return a quick draft to you at no charge.  This way, you will have the opportunity to sample our work and we will discover if we are a good fit.

If you’re looking for professional ghostwriting services from senior publishing industry insiders, writers with advanced degrees and decades in the New York publishing arena, look no further.

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