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 You’re an author, business owner or student who thinks well and speaks well, but when the proverbial pen is put to paper…
 Take heart; you’re not alone.  Many gifted people have problems or concerns with their writing.  It may be that you were never taught the rules of English composition.  It may be that English is your second language.  It can be as simple as the fact that you are just too busy to dedicate the time.  You’re looking for a bit of help finding the perfect word.
The wordsmiths of Cutting Edge Copywriting are dedicated to the tradition of quality writing that meets the needs of the modern reader.  We are committed to the words that reflect your voice in a way that resonates with the reader.  Engaging copy that begins with buzz and results in success.   Let us review your manuscript, college applications, website and blogs, social media, press releases, business communications, etc. We’ll check  the grammar and punctuation, continuity, and usability. We’ll even assist with suggestions about SEO optimization and layout strength.  The result will be Your Voice—Only Better.


Tradition combined with Innovation equals  Success.  Contact Cutting Edge Copywriting for all of your editing needs.

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