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Professional copy editing and proofreading is all about training and objectivity no matter if you are in New York City, Delaware or anywhere.  The training comes from years in the business; the objectivity is the understanding that nothing should be assumed.    You’ve come up with an idea…you’ve put it down on paper.  You may have dedicated an hour, a day or a year honing your ideas.  It’s difficult, if not impossible, to look at your work with objectivity.

We are 100% certain that you want your project to be as impactful as possible.  The world’s best writers utilize professional editors to review their work including punctuation, proper tense, capitalization, spelling and more.  Our professional editors use their skills to identify all kinds of items that are missed by both the untrained eye and computer programs alike, to ensure your work is error-free.  By the way, there are actually some words that can be written two ways.  Is the job title Copy Editor or Copyeditor? (We prefer the former).   Is the action copyediting or copy editing?  Although, our editors prefer copyediting, we have used copy editing because twice as many people search on copy editing as compared with copyediting.  You can be confident that our editors will be as meticulous and mindful with your words as we are with ours.

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Let Our New York City Copy Editing & Proofreading Talent Polish Your Work Until It Glistens 

A professional project is more than “error-free”—it’s the key to a winning marketing piece, a convincing article or a manuscript worthy of publishing.  We know the difference, and our seasoned wordsmiths have the experience and tools to catch the smallest error.  You can rest assured that your project will be the best it can be, prepared to be read by your target audience.

To many, copy editing and proofreading can seem unnecessary. So why should you trust us to copy edit your manuscript?

Our in-depth service is intended to catch:

  • Errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation
  • Inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, and numerals
  • Misuse of words, figures of speech, or specialist terminology
  • Factual inaccuracies or missing information

Your editor will identify and correct any remaining errors in your project or manuscript, and provide a document that’s ready to convert into your chosen format—marketing,  email, newsletter, business-to-business, etc.

A copy edit is the final polish your work needs to meet industry standards and compete in a marketplace where viewers are decision-makers.

Professional Copy Editing & Proofreading Builds Confidence In Your Readers
Cutting Edge Copywriting-Offices in New York City and Delaware

A professionally copy edited book or project illustrates your skill as a writer, marketer or business owner.  It turns the one-time viewer into a faithful client and/or reader.


Thanks very much, I didn’t think there would be many edits, but wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Thanks for the PLEASE READ article, definitely found it interesting, I’ll look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks for the great work and such speedy completion time, it’s much appreciated.

– Ian MacRae
Thomas International

Sharon is great! Not only is she a professional and an expert at what she does. She can make you a better client!  I wish all collaborations were this fast, friendly, professional and ‘right-on-target.’ WIN-WIN-WIN!!

– Lucrumnet Media

If you’re looking for professional copy editing and proofreading services from senior publishing industry insiders, editors with advanced degrees and decades in the New York publishing arena, look no further.

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